Upcoming Webinar

Reviewing Your SMF Configuration for Better System Management

Scott Chapman

2018-10-23 11:00 EDT

SMF data is key to managing your z/OS system. SMF data contains critical performance, security, and event data. This is a goldmine of valuable information. But a gold mine isn’t going to be profitable if it’s digging up the wrong dirt or doesn’t have big enough equipment to move the dirt. Many sites haven’t considered their SMF configuration in quite some time. This means that they may be recording data that’s no longer necessary or useful but may be missing out on some data that could be very useful for analyzing and possibly improving their systems.

In this session, Scott Chapman will review different configuration options that impact the recording and management of SMF data. The importance (or lack thereof) for certain SMF records will be reviewed, and examples of uses for some of those important ones will be given.

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