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What am I paying for? R4HA, AWLC, SCRT and other 4-letter pricing words

John Baker

2018-09-18 11:00 EDT

It seems like everyone has an opinion about how software costs are calculated. All most of us know is that these costs are becoming a very big deal that we can’t ignore. Which leaves many of us scratching our heads about the whirlwind of available pricing options. IBM is making life better with options like Country-Wide Multiplex (CMP), Mobile and Container pricing, and soft capping options, but how does all this stuff work?

The R4HA (or 4HRA) remains key – but even that requires context. It’s measured on each LPAR but often combined depending on what, and where, various subsystems are running. Which value, average, or total determines your software bill? And what if some LPARs are capped?

This session is for everyone. Performance, Capacity, finance… costs are driving more and more of our decisions. Join John Baker and start understanding how costs are determined.

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